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Examples of negative policies for small business and the community

Management of Paid Parental Leave

There are two options for the payment of PPL. One is to pay the eligible person directly from Centrelink; the

other is to add a layer of complexity by forcing employers to take the payment from Centrelink and then pay it to the employee. To assist in the process, the Department of Human Services developed an employer toolkit that is 48 pages long and includes 4 pages of CSV and XML code to assist in the payment process. We were told by the Minister who developed this process that it would "only take 5 minutes". Read the toolkit here to see for yourself.

Management of domestic violence situations for employees

There is a proposal which would allow employees who have been involved in a domestic violence situation (both victims and accused perpetrators) to be able to claim up to 10 days pay to help them manage. This fails to take into account the situation faced by the employer. (explain more) It also makes a small business employer a victim of someone else’s terrible situation. There are better ways of helping people but the ideologues want DV to be in the industrial relations system. This is a failure of workplace relations and welfare support. It creates more victims and does not actually confront the real issue. We have a better solution (explain)


Lower Sunday penalty rates have been in place in agreements negotiated by the retail union for over 7 years

This “penalty rate" campaign has been a sham from its inception. The fact is that the retail union negotiated lower Sunday rates for workers in the biggest retailers and fast food outlets over 7 years ago. In 2017, one enterprise agreement between Coles and the shop assistant union caused up to 60% of workers to receive less than award wages. The extension of union powers over all workplaces through a centralised industrial system would create a lot of uncertainty for small business and would certainly put the union movement in control of the small workplaces of Australia.


Australia is in a great position. Our economy is one of the best in the world. Our business and employment conditions are world class. There are always areas where improvements must be made. But giving an unrepresentative organisation (unions) a say over the running of every business in Australia will be an end to a good economy and will create much higher unemployment.

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