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Ambassador Program

The COSBOA Ambassador Program commenced in 2016, offers COSBOA Council Members Organisations access to expert, industry professional speakers for their conferences, professional development events, and training without a fee.


Our Board understands that Member Organisations are under pressure to provide quality events and speakers to their membership base to encourage organisational growth, membership retention and to help their members to ‘survive and thrive’ in what, at times, can be difficult economic conditions.


The COSBOA Ambassador Program supports COSBOA Council members by offering industry professional speakers on a range of topics, at no cost to the organisation other than Ambassador travel and accommodation expenses. The COSBOA Ambassadors are experts in their field and are exclusively available on this basis to COSBOA Council Member Organisations only.


COSBOA Ambassadors have been carefully selected by targeting key focus areas that cut across industry sectors with topics that are vitally important to Small Business owners and the wellbeing of their businesses.

Our Ambassadors are;


Avantia Cyber Security :

Expertise: Independent Cyber Security Safety Audits, Mitigation Planning; Password Protection,  Cyber Awareness Training, Intrusion Protection; Incident Response &  Disaster Recovery for SME's throughout Australia.  Avantia Corporate Services is a Registered Partner with the Joint Australian Cyber Security Centers (JCSC) a division of the Australian Signals Directorate, Canberra.

Location: Brisbane, QLD


Fortitude at Work:


Expertise: Mental Health for Small Business Owners


Location: Central Coast, NSW


Guy Leech Fitness Pty Ltd


Expertise:  Personal Fitness and Life Work Balance for Small Business Owners


Location:  Curl Curl, NSW

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