Protection & Innoculation


Protection built for big business. Simplicity designed for yours.

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Spam Blocking

Helps keep unwanted, dangerous,and fraudulent emails out of your employees’ computer inboxes.

Download Insight

Helps prevent your employees from downloading files from questionable websites to help protect your business from being infected by malicious files.

Cybercrime Prevention

Helps secure your business against viruses, malware, spam, ransomware and targeted attacks.

Scalable and Flexible

Allows you to easily add protection to new devices, or move protection between devices as your business needs grow or change.

Multiple Devices

PCs, Macs, Android and iOS10 devices. Norton helps keep data secure, no matter where it lives.11

Speed and Ease of Use

Helps you secure multiple devices in minutes with quick, centralised setup, easy-to-use email based on-boarding and a cloud-based management console.

App Scanning

Scans and checks the apps on Android mobile devices for malware and greyware and helps protect against potential privacy risks such as exporting your contacts, calendar and call logs.12

Always Up-to-Date

Helps you stay secure with automatic updates that download and install important product and feature updates when you or your employees are not using your computers.

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