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PARTICIPATE ON-LINE – Fair & Compliant Workplaces – Round Table, 3 April 2017

leading-the-way 28-Mar Small Businesses Leading the Way Register for the round table highlighted below
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Senate Inquiry needed on SDA Enterprise Agreements

senate_chamebr040493DI-040_ek 09-Mar COSBOA today called for a Senate Inquiry into impact of SDA Enterprise Agreements on competi
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Small Businesses Threatened by Union’s Penalty Rates Campaign

parents2 03-Mar COSBOA today expressed concern for small business people and their employees as a result of the beha
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ALP must support an effects test to have any competition credibility – and stop the fake facts.

The Right Path 17-Feb COSBOA is pleased to note the recent announcement by Katy Gallagher, the shadow minister for small b
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How fast is the internet? As fast as promised? Now we’ll know.

Fast Internet 14-Feb COSBOA welcomes the proposal for an internet speed monitoring program managed by the ACCC. Peter
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Workplace relations must be a place without threats or uncertainty – ABCC

hinch 08-Feb COSBOA welcomes the proposed changes to the ABCC and congratulates Senator Hinch on his decision to
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