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Can we ever have certainty? Sunday Penalty Rates – the facts

28-Jun The announcement by the leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten that Labor, if re-elected, would rever
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Energy crisis confronted with action not emotions – finally.

21-Jun COSBOA today congratulated the Turnbull government for taking action to confront the energy crisis.
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Energy crisis worse than GFC, needs action not debate

20-Jun COSBOA today has called on all political parties to agree on an energy policy that will lead Austral
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Fairness, jobs and facts – Sunday Penalty Rates

06-Jun FWC shows compassion the unions don't have for workers. STOP PRESS
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Prompt payment focus great news for business and for the personal health of small businesses and their people

29-May COSBOA today congratulated the people and organisations involved in the recent push on getting small
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Small business applauds the 2017 Federal Budget

09-May COSBOA welcomes the continued commitment of the Australian Government to supporting small businesses
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