The Council Of Small Businesses Of Australia was founded in 1977 and was incorporated in 1979 as a Public Company Limited by Guarantee.  Council Members are Peak Industry bodies covering the diverse spectrum of Small Businesses nationally.  Council Member Organisations along with our Small Business Affiliate Members represent around 600,000 Small Businesses throughout Australia.

COSBOA has a proud history of strong advocacy on many Small Business issues ranging from Taxation and Workplace Relations, through to Competition Law, Retail Tenancy and others.  The Council was created by people who believed that Small Business needed an exclusive voice – a voice that was not also representing big business.  As a result,  COSBOA  has become the country’s peak body exclusively representing the interests of Small Businesses in the Australian economy.

Our goals are to:

  • Promote and support the development of Small Businesses in Australia;
  • Advocate to advance the interests of Small Business in Australia  through policy development and regulatory reforms;
  • Foster an increased awareness and understanding of the role of Small Business in Australia among  Public Servants, Politician’s and other Government Officials who may not have had the benefit of working experience in the sector,  and
  • Educate the general community and other stakeholders of the operational differences and unique policy  needs of  Small Business as opposed to Big business.

A key activity for  COSBOA is to facilitate the engagement of our member organisations, using the collective influence of the Full Council,  to provide opportunities for our member organisations to participate in policy outcomes affecting their industries.  We do that by acting as a conduit for information to Government and  other stakeholders and vice versa.   COSBOA, through its quarterly Council meetings also fosters introductions between member organisations and businesses with relevant customers, suppliers, service providers and regulators in a collegial atmosphere.

Communication is the foundation of any good relationship, and we endeavor to be an active conduit for information between Government, our Members and the Media.

COSBOA exists because Small Business does not have the time, the resources and often the expertise that is required to be alert to the myriad of legislative and regulatory change that can effect them on an ongoing basis. Our efforts are focused on providing accurate and timely input into decisions which may affect them.  Our members provide essential input to ensure the high quality of our representations, with the substance and the credibility to back it up.

Our strong relationships with the Government and Opposition of the day is critical to ensure that we’re aware of what’s happening that might help or hinder Small Business, and equally, to convey any new or emerging issues that need to be addressed to support the Small Business community .